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Course Developers – General Studies

RCC Institute of Technology requires Adjunct Faculty to teach and develop courses in our General Studies program.

Position Profile:

• Prior  teaching experience including both online and in class
• PhD in related discipline is required
• Proven ability to engage students
• Outstanding communication skills both oral and written
• Knowledge and understanding of learning management systems is required
• Excellent presentation skills
• Superior interpersonal skills
• Proven organizational and administrative skills with meticulous record-keeping and attention to detail

Our current course development requirements are in the areas of behavioral economics, social science and interdisciplinary studies:

Behavioural Economics (4th year):

This course examines the origin, methods, and theory of behavioural economics in contrast to standard neoclassical economic theories of utility maximization and decision making.  It looks at the questions of, judgement and choice under risk and uncertainty, intertemporal choices, strategic interaction, and social preferences, on the part of various economic agents.  It demonstrates how beliefs, heuristics (rules of thumb), and biases in economic decision makers mental accounting lead to irrational but predictable decisions.

Democratic Government (3rd year)

This course examines the institutions and processes found in democratic government, with an emphasis on Canada.  It studies the nature of politics and the expression of political interests and beliefs through mechanisms of citizen, various civil society groups, and political party actions.  It looks at the institutional expressions of constitutions, legislatures, the judiciary, and public policy making by administration, measuring these against the ideals and spirit of democratic thought.

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