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For more than 85 years, RCC Institute of Technology has been offering high-quality, practitioner-oriented education in Ontario. Founded in 1928, RCCIT is the oldest technology institute in Canada and a pioneer in innovative professional education.

Historic Timeline

1928 The Radio College of Canada is founded as a training facility for the fast-growing radio and communications sector.

1930 RCCIT becomes a known for radio and communications certification.
According to the Globe newspaper (today’s Globe and Mail), “Pioneering organization, Radio College of Canada establishes a plan for registering radio service men of the entire Dominion.”

Late 1930s RCCIT introduces courses in commercial radio operations and trains large classes of radio operators for the Canadian transportation ministry.

1939-1945 RCCIT contributes to Canada’s efforts in World War II by establishing additional facilities and developing specialized training programs for the merchant marines, Canadian government departments, and other allied governments. Several classes of female radio operators are assigned to stations across the country, as part of the Commonwealth Air Training Scheme. Following the war, RCCIT offers extensive rehabilitation training for Canadian and American veterans.

1950 Working with the Professional Engineers of Ontario and Ryerson Polytechnic (now Ryerson University), RCCIT pioneers standards for technicians and technologists and the accreditation requirements for technologist programs.

1970-1995 In the emerging age of digital electronics, RCCIT develops programs that prepare graduates for leadership roles in the new digital, computer and microprocessor industries.

2004 RCC Institute of Technology is awarded ministerial consent to offer degree programs in electronics and computer information systems.

2008 RCCIT acquires the well-known private college, International Academy of Design and Technology (founded in 1983).  RCC Institute of Technology re-opens the school as the Academy of Design. The acquisition expands RCCITís offerings, converging design and technology education.

2009 RCCIT re-opens Toronto Film School in a state-of the art campus at Dundas Square, adding diploma programs across the entertainment industry including Film Production, Writing for Film & TV, Acting for Film, TV and the Theatre.

2014 In recognition of its legacy in the design industry, RCCIT names the Academy of Design as its faculty of design and continues to deliver a leading Bachelor of Interior Design. Diploma programs previously offered through the Academy of Design join Toronto Film School to create opportunities for students to collaborate across creative disciplines. These programs include: Video Game Design and Animation, Video Game Design and Development, Graphic Design and Interactive Media, Interior Decorating, Fashion Design, and Fashion Marketing and Merchandising.

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