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Collaborators in the BID Program get First Face to Face Meeting in Toronto | Guest Blog by Erin Melvin

Last week Adam Roland, Core Faculty and professor in the Bachelor of Interior Design, flew in from Tampa for the week to finally meet in person. Adam is responsible for the oversight of the Internship courses and while in Toronto he visited with fourth-year campus students, as well he participated in our an open house for future students.



In between classroom visits, curriculum development and team brainstorming – Sheri Crawford (Core Faculty, Professor, ARIDO President-Elect) snapped this pic of the core team, including Amy Bagshaw (Program Coordinator and Professor) and, myself, Erin Melvin (Program Chair and Professor). It was a rare moment to have the four of us, who work in close collaboration, physically in the same room.


Collaboration is a huge component of the Interior Design profession, and this photo truly speaks a thousand words.  These three brilliant and talented individuals love what they do.  I am fortunate enough to work closely with them, and call them my team.  Never in all my years in academia have I enjoyed working with a group of people more – and we are all unique and bring something different to the table.  Our diversity and varied professional and academic backgrounds offer a creative perspective, that is responsible for developing rigorous and forward-thinking curriculum, reflecting current entry-to-practice trends and required skills.


I am proud to call these people my team, and appreciate, respect and value their insight and commitment to making the Bachelor of Interior Design program at RCC Institute of Technology a leader in Interior Design education.  It is through their dedication to our program, that we are able to provide a rich curriculum and amazing opportunities for our students, both on campus and online.


No better team in the world!


Erin Melvin is the Program Chair for the Bachelor of Interior Design at RCC Institute of Technology. She is also a graduate of the program and has been in post‐secondary Interior Design education for more than a decade.  Her broad range teaching experience includes courses in drafting, drawing, materials, design theory and various studios.

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