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IDEC Finalist in the BID!

The Bachelor of Interior Design Program at RCC is thrilled to announce that one of our senior students, Yasaman Saeidi has been chosen as a finalist for the annual Student Design Competition at IDEC (Interior Design Educators Council).  A highly competitive and intensive project, Yasaman’s proposal The Chamber of Light was chosen as a finalist from over 150 applicants from undergraduate Interior Design programs across North America.  Winners of the competition will be presented their award and acknowledged by renowned faculty from across North America, at the IDEC annual conference, this March in Boston.

Seven BID students spent three weeks in late September developing a dynamic design for IDEC’s competition addressing the challenge topic: Fundamental Atmospheres: Designing for Spatial and Spiritual Experiences.  With inclusivity, human behavior in the built environment, and experiential research at the heart of this project, each of the seven students designed engaging and relevant spaces with support and insight from BID faculty member Penny Fobler-Cressy, Core Faculty members Adam Roland and Sheri Crawford, Program Chair Erin Melvin and Program Coordinator Amy Bagshaw.

About the Project:

“I was very inspired by Rumi’s poetry to create a peaceful space for meditation and spiritual retreat. The Whirling Light as my design concept emphasizes Rumi’s expression of love, light, unity, nature, water, and movement as a foundation for the design of the meditation center. For instance, the design of the Whirling Dervishes’ costumes, who dance to Rumi’s poetry, is the inspirational source for the never-ending play of shadows and light in the space created by the interior spiral glass partitions. This creates a dynamic and metamorphic atmosphere without the constraining boundaries of existing belief systems. The emphasis of the core of the center is for all individuals regardless of ethnicity and religion to exercise their mind and body as instruments of spiritual communion through a quest of light, sound, and movement.

This project has been very challenging and enjoyable. Being part of such a university and being in touch with so many wonderful professors has made my creative process so much more fruitful. I am grateful and excited to be an IDEC Student Design Competition regional finalist.”

Brief Bio of Yasaman Saeidi

Yasaman was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. She moved to Geneva, Switzerland to complete her high school education in a boarding school. Next, Saeidi decided to pursue her passion in Interior Design and attended Parsons School of Design and American Academy in Paris, France where she fell in love with the city and its charismatic art and design ambiance. When Saeidi came to Canada, she chose RCC Institute of Technology to upgrade her knowledge and to meet the Canadian Interior Design standards to sit for the NCIDQ exam.

We couldn’t be prouder of all those who participated and big kudos to Yasaman as we wait to hear the final winning results in early March – we wish her the best!



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