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Interior Design Instructor Recognized as a Top Prof in Toronto

Suzanne Cheng, an instructor with the Bachelor of Interior Design at RCC Institute of Technology was recently named one of the 15 most notable art professors in Toronto by the American organization The Art Career Project.

According to The Art Career Project, “Suzanne Cheng has only been teaching at the RCC Institute of Technology since 2012 but she has already made a large impact on one of the more popular and prestigious programs at the Institute. A registered interior designer who works as a principal at her own design firm, Cheng graduated from the University of Waterloo’s School of Architecture and immediately began to carve a career in the design world. Cheng has worked at some of the most prestigious design firms in Toronto in a variety of capacities and her commitment to environmental sustainability has helped her gain recognition for her innovative and “green” designs. At RCCIT, she not only teaches design studio, but also serves as an on-campus internship coordinator and instructor. Her students appreciate her attention to detail, love for design, and desire to help them succeed and grow as designers. She does all this while also working as a principal at a respected design firm. Need we say more?”

See the full article here. The Art Career Project aims to educate people on how to educate themselves in preparation for an exciting career in the arts. It is a comprehensive resource for aspiring artists on the web where people can search hundreds of career profiles and top art programs.

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