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Students Set to Showcase Impressive Electronics Projects June 4 at RCC

Students Set to Showcase Impressive Electronics Projects June 4 at RCC

On June 4, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. students in the Bachelor of Technology (Electronics Engineering Technology) program will showcase their final projects before graduating. The projects show off all the students have learned during their time at the School of Engineering Technology and Computing at RCC Institute of Technology. There is no shortage of wildly impressive projects from a drone to an Exoskeleton Arm. Get inside one team's process leading up to the Student Showcase.

Saudi Students Celebrated at RCC

Saudi Students Celebrated at RCC

After coming to Canada to study at RCC Institute of Technology a group of students were celebrated by the school before they return to Saudi Arabia where many will work as teachers.

RCCIT has been added by the Ministry of Education, People’s Republic of China, to its list of Canadian Colleges approved for foreign study.

RCC Institute of Technology, a division of Yorkville University, has been added by the Ministry of Education, People's Republic of China to its list of Canadian colleges approved for foreign study.

Electronics Program Valedictorian

Electronics Program Valedictorian

On Wednesday, July 31st the graduates from programs of the Academy of Design, School of Engineering Technology and Computing and the Toronto Film School will walk down the aisles of the Toronto Arts Center to accept their diploma and degree certificates. Graduates from the 2012 and 2013 classes will wear their robes and cross into the future of their careers, for which they have dedicated countless hours towards refining and defining.

Summer 2013 Electronics Showcase

Last Wednesday, June 5th, the graduating class of our Bachelor of Technology programs presented their final projects in an Electronics Showcase to industry professionals, classmates, faculty and family. The event was a great success; with the students presenting innovative projects that demonstrated the knowledge and practical skills developed throughout their program.

Graduating Class to show off their final tech projects before industry judges/employers

This Friday, June 8 2012, is an important date for our graduating class of students. From 11AM - 3PM everyone is welcome to visit the to see all of the final technology projects our students have worked so hard on.

OLED Installation inspired by Japanese tradition

The use of electronics is often seen as functional, but there is also the creative use for electronics to create art. Check out this art installation of OLED lights that was inspired by the Japanese custom of Yozakura. The lights are designed to imitate the flowing of cherry blossoms in the wind at night.

Student Project – Autoshift

AutoShift is a digital gearing system for the standard mountain bike. It is designed to work very similarly to the automatic transmission of a car. As the user rides the bike, the system will monitor the speed at which the bike is traveling and the current amount of force the user is applying to achieve current speeds. With this information, the system will make adjustments to the gears to keep the user at maximum speed with as little force needed.

Introducing the New 1-Year Diploma in Electronics Engineering starting April 2012

We are very pleased to announce the approval of RCC Institute of Technology’s 1-year Electronics Engineering Technician diploma program. In only one year of intensive study, this program is a fast track for students interested in working in hands-on careers as technicians in a variety of sectors. First classes for this new program will begin  in April 2012.

Electronics Engineering and Robotics will aid agriculture in Japan’s tsunami zone

The tsunami (and subsequent nuclear fallout from Fukushima) that hit Japan last year badly polluted the land and left around 24,000 hectares of once-fertile farmland damaged. This was a great hit to the Japanese farming industry. In response, the agricultural ministry developed a six-year plan to send unmanned tractors to work the fields. Big technology companies such as Panasonic, Hitachi and Sharp are expected to join the project.