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Students who choose the online delivery of the Bachelor of Interior Design or who a combined in-class and online learning experience must have the hardware and software necessary to complete assignments and participate in the online courses. RCCIT wants to ensure that students have the best online learning experience possible.

Technology Requirements

The following system and software requirements are mandatory for all online students. These requirements are recommended for on-campus students who plan to complete most of their coursework on campus (i.e., using campus computer labs). However, on-campus students who plan to complete course work mostly remotely (i.e. on their own computers) should consider this a mandatory list.1. Internet Browsers

Interior Design Computer System Requirements

  • Intel Core i5/i7 or Core m Series processor or AMD equivalent
  • 8gb RAM or greater (16gb is recommended)
  • 8gb of free disk space for installation of software
  • Graphics card with 512mb of memory (a discrete graphics card is not required but is strongly recommended)
  • Speakers/Microphone or headset (only required if taking courses delivered online)

Additional Requirements for ADOBE Creative Suite (required for Term 1 online courses)

  • 20gb of available hard-disk space for installation: additional free space required during installation (cannot install on flash-based storage devices)
  • Graphics card with 512mb of memory (a discrete graphics card is not required but is strongly recommended)
  • Broadband internet connection required for on-line services

Software Requirements*

*Users of Mac computers may use the native Mac versions of these software applications (when available), but may face numerous differences in the user interface between them and the PC versions. It is the Mac user’s responsibility to learn the necessary adaptations. It is therefore recommended that instead, students without access to a PC run the PC version through a Windows emulator or virtual machine on their Macs.

**AutoCAD, a key component of the Autodesk Building Design Suite, is a tool originally designed for PC platform use. As such, the industry standard typically includes CAD usage on PC computers. For this reason, the CAD courses in the Bachelor of Interior Design program are based on the PC version of the tool. Mac users will be required to check the AutoCAD website for information on system requirements and options for running AutoCAD software on a Mac.

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